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Come Alive – A Giveaway!


Today was a great day. Our Advent activity of the day was to take breakfast to everyone at ReWork. Then my beautiful friend, Julia, took the boys to lunch while I got my haircut. I also received a free copy of Wrecked by Jeff Goins. Then I get on FB and see that my friend, Elora, post that her adoption is funded!!! To end the night the boys picked out a rabbit, ducks and chickens to give through World Vision. Then I remembered to return all of the books and dvd’s to the library on time. {Hallelujah}

So here I am in a great mood about to sit down and get back into reading Elora’s book, Come Alive, and it just feels right to give it away for someone else to enjoy as well. In all honesty, I am only a wee bit into it myself, but I love it already. A little description of it from Amazon: “Stephanie believes in stories. But even though she puts pen to paper daily and creates stories of change and hope, she fails to see the possibilities within her own life. Abused, alone and invisible to those around her, she struggles with self-worth and believing in another world – one of love and safety and healing. There are those in her life who believe in redemption and new beginnings, but can Stephanie trust them when all she’s ever known is betrayal? She wants to – her heart says it’s safe – but she struggles with believing the lies thrown at her day after day by others who should be protecting her. This is her story – all of it – the chaos and beauty caused by the wrecking ball of her family and the fight for rescue. All she needs is someone to listen. Will you be one who hears? It just may change your world.”

So, if you are interested, I would love to give you a Kindle edition copy. Leave a comment below and I’ll randomly pick someone Wednesday at noon! I have a tiny baby following here, so the odds will be quite good!



Congratulations to Danielle! She’s our lucky winner! I’ll be contacting you shortly. 🙂