Haiti: Days 5 & 6-part 1

Haiti: Days 5 & 6-part 1

Day 5

Day 5 was another building day, sort of. Austin decided that we should take shifts since there wasn’t a lot for us to do without getting in the way at this point. So I took to the pick ax for a few minutes and then didn’t have anything else to do. So I found a spot in the shade and started some much needed journaling. After a while, Nelson made his way over. He was cutting some rebar  for the house and struck up a conversation with us. He lived down the road and was helping out. He loves music and asked me if I knew a song and before I could answer asked me to sing it. I’m a little weird in that I don’t mind getting up in front of a crowd and singing loud into a mic, but ask me to sing out on the side of the road and I clam up. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I shifted the spotlight to Andrea and she gladly obliged. They were singing worship songs then Eagles, then Madonna. He asked if we knew a certain Celine Dion and we all drew a blank. He found it for me on his phone to educate me. It was a sweet time of just hanging out and chatting about random stuff.

After lunch we decided to go find this waterfall our fearless Dario told us about. All us poor little white girls trying to walk down the side of this mountain was pretty funny looking. But we made it without incident! We hung out, some fell in, Jay Louis caught a crab, fun was had by all! My favorite part was meeting Whislyn. (I’m 100% guessing at the spelling, it sounds like Whistlin’.) She was washing her clothes when we arrived and when she was finishing up, I was walking by and gave a polite “Bonswa.” She immediately started talking to me, and since I know very very limited Kreyol, I had to ask Sylvestre to come over. She was shy and didn’t really want to talk to him. So I just tried to act like he wasn’t there and the translation was coming out of the air. I found out that she is 10 years old and lived up and over the hill, so she had to take her laundry back on her head over that hill. She was beautiful and strong and so very sweet.

We started our way back up and unlike some people, I took my dear sweet time. I might have been pretending to take in the scenery while I was really just catching my breath. Pretty sure it was obvious what I was doing. But hey, I made it back up. I was exhausted by the end of it all, but it was fun and beautiful scenery for sure.

Later that night, after cleaning up, we were just sitting around hanging out. Julia found the Sarah McLachlan song, In the Arms on the Angel, and started playing it. We immediately started talking about the overly sad ASPCA commercials and how unbearable they are. That got us to talking about the “fly in the eye” child support commercials that are as equally unbearable to watch. If you don’t know, I have nothing against supporting children and feeding the hungry, I do have some issue with the, as Jonathan Olinger calls it, “development pornography” that they pass off as innocent footage. Anywho! Austin, in his best sympathetic commercial voice, started talking…”Angelo just wants to dance, but he can’t because he’s malnourished, but there you go eating your dinner in front of the tv, piggie, and Angelo still can’t dance. 1-800-AngeloWantstoDance.” Oh. My. Lord. As slap happy as we were, I lost my mind for a minute. (Not Brennon, he was contemplating stepping away before the lightning struck. haha)

I think this was the night that Brennon taught us a new card game. He proceeded to slaughte…wait, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. 😉

Day 6 – Part 1

Saturday was my most anticipated day of the trip! We were scheduled to do crafts and play with the children of Yaveh Shamma, Pastor Gaetan’s school and orphanage. On the way there, we stopped off to pick up some supplies. We ended up with construction paper, colored cardstock, coloring sheets, crayons, markers, colored pencils, water color paints, and glitter glue! I kept seeing things I wanted to get and take with us.  The kids went through all of the papers before we left, they had a blast. We had a great time too. After being there for a little while, being clung to by sweet little arms, I asked one little boys his name. “”Mwen rele Anchelo.” I think I let out a little over excited “Hi!!!” He was excited too! I had to make sure everyone knew his name. It was too sweet and he clung to me and a few others over the course of the day. (Not gonna lie, we even got him to dance, after Austin danced first!) Nehemie, Rosebeene and Anchelo were my little tagalongs for a good part of the day and it was too much fun. I really truly tried to soak every minute of it up. Pretty sure I got annoying with all the picture taking, but oh well!

We also had an incredible meal there that day. Crazy good chicken and man that sauce over the rice. God is good. Amen.

The lot of us that were joking about the commercials did decide this was too good of an opportunity and we now sponsor Anchelo through HELP.  You should check out the page. All of HELP’s sponsorships are through trustworthy sources.


You can read Day 6 part 2 here because its a little out of order

Julia & Jean

Craft Time



Me & Naji

Nehemie, Me, Rosebeene, Anchelo

Brennon & Anchelo



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