Haiti: Days 3 & 4


Day 3

Wednesday was a lighter day as we went to the art market and heard a lot of “Come and see, you buy, for you a sweet bargain.” I bought a really beautiful black and white painting for a man who kept saying, “I don’t want to suck your blood, I give you a good price.” He made me laugh and won my business. I spent a fair amount of time down at the lookout in part because it was beautiful, also in part to get away from the nagging to buy things. It was quite interesting to see how close we really were to the airport though it takes so long to get there because of the terrible roads and tons of people on them.

Lunch was by far the most interesting meal of the trip, including Jacob making the whole fish dance a little and talk to us on the plate. 🙂 We went to Epidor, an “American” type restaurant. I got a chicken nuggets combo, only to bite into it and hope to God that I was only eating goat. I dunked it in the BBQ sauce and ketchup and just didn’t look at it. 🙂

We went from there to the Baptist Haiti Mission where I bought some Mountain Maid “very gourmet” vanilla. Yeah, put a little of that in your Rebo (Haitian coffee) and you’ll be in Heaven. The BHM is helping families from having to move to the city to make a living. There was also a Tea Terrace where you could eat and lookout over the mountains. Just gorgeous.

We visited one our translators orphanages. Rodney was an orphan that is grown and wants to take in orphans. The sweet children sang for us. I was too slow with the camera to get the Kreyol singing, but I did get the other songs at least!

We finished the night out with a little Phase 10 that erupted into Austin and Brennon vowing to never play again. Brennon may have some deep seeded wounds that will take time and prayer to heal. Allison schooled us all and it was hilariously frustrating! This night solidified my growing affection for Austin, Julia, Brennon and Allison. They are hilarious, passionate and just plain fun to be around.

Day 4

We made our way down the rocky “road” to help build a house for a family that lost theirs in the earthquake. We were to do the manual labor and let the paid workers do the skilled labor. So we filled buckets with water, broke down the mound of rock and sand to shovel and sift it so they could make concrete. It was some serious work but it was crazy fun. I kinda loved taking the pick ax to the hill. I was stress free after that! Marlow warned us that Evins, one of our translators, didn’t like watching girls work so he would try to do it for us the whole time. He wasn’t kidding! Evins was so sweet, he kept telling us that we could take a break and he would do it. I learned to just go up, give him a little hug and a big smile and say it was my turn. He obliged and I learned that I have muscles in my shoulders that I’m not sure ever get worked. I ended the day by chilling out with the neighbor’s little girl. She came to where I was sitting and we quietly played for over half an hour. It was a great day!

Looking out over Port-au-Prince & surrounding areas

Julia killing the hill

My little friend!

Evins and Andrea sifting sand & rock

Brennon & Sylvestre sifting sand & rock


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  1. I’m loving being able to see Haiti through your eyes. I love you and I’m thankful you are my DIL. Justin is one blessed guy! And that makes me blessed!

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