Just Write – Kids & Forgiveness


Today was one of those days.
The ones no mom really likes to talk about because it plays into their fears of not being a good mom. The ones that beat you up one side and down the other. The ones that require extra hugs and apologies to ever forgiving little faces. Their forgiving kisses make it sting a little more, when you raised your voice, when you expected too much.
It was a rough day, Monday’s usually aren’t the easiest, getting back into a routine and all. I had too much planned, thought I needed to get it all done, forgot to just play.
So there was fighting, whining, time outs and tears. That’s the easy part to dwell on, but there were also hugs and kisses and giggles and sweet quiet moments.
I’m not perfect and I’d be crazy to expect perfection from a 2 and 4 year old. So there will be these days, but as we grow in love and knowledge of Christ, Lord willing, they will be few and far between.
I rest in that its ways worse in my head, that I serve a forgiving and redeeming God and that tomorrows a new day.
His mercies are new every morning. Selah.

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  1. Oh my…one of THOSE days! I have frequent flyer miles of THOSE days :0/
    The hardest part is often moms forgiving themselves! Thank the Lord the kiddos are much quicker to forgive us!
    Just over from “just write”
    Thanks for the post!

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  3. It’s not that you won’t mess up, but what you do after that counts. Wisdom from Ann Voskamp. 🙂 I remember it often in these tired-mommy days. Kids notice those apologies.

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