Ready for Change, Living Now


It’s the in between that always gets me. The in between of long hair and short. The in between of promise and fulfillment. And this morning the in between of warm and cold.It’s the feeling of being on the cusp of new. The faint taste of change.Where I lose myself if I’m not careful. Where the daily routines are changing, but not, a little more ebb than flow.

Where patience & planning are vital. Patience and planning, waiting and hoping, moody things, they are. When you cozy up to them, they are your best friends, a little trying, but there for you. Try to not turn your back on them, it’s never pretty.

Enjoying the early morning crisp in the air through an early morning walk, a hint of what’s to come.

I’m ready for the full on, the change, the new. Trying not to lose the now at the same time, that’s a tough one.

Realizing I’m not really in the in between – monumental. The here and now is my latest new. Maybe I should try to not throw it out with the promise of more new.


Written for Just Write. Head on over and check out everyone else’s posts.


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