Quiet House


This was my 1st “Just Write” post. It’s a fun way to get thoughts to paper, even if they are not monumental thoughts.


It’s quiet. That doesn’t happen very often around here.

One’s a sleep, one’s playing a toddler video game in the other room. it’s nice, peaceful.

I’m sitting here drinking my sweet tea and thanking God for His grace and praying this afternoon is better than this morning. I woke up with a terrible headache and a cranky baby. It was 530am. I don’t do 5’s or 6’s well. I just don’t. So I was gruff and impatient and blamed my kids for it. Dumb.

Coffee, worship, outside = good medicine. Sidewalk chalk and all.

And then a bath, I don’t think I like dirty, maybe just since I rug doctored the fool out of these carpets not so long ago.

I look around and my house is a mess, I wonder why I am writing instead of cleaning. Oh yeah, it’s a lot more fun.

Boston’s swim report card from this past Summer is sitting on the desk beside me. He got a very satisfactory report and then started swimming on his own the following week.

My boys are getting big.

Boston is running around the living room now, the video games can’t hold him for long when he really wants to get on the computer for nickjr. games.

He dresses himself now. Lakers jersey and all. Lord, he’s cute. His hair smells like baby shampoo.

He’s patting my back and hoping I will get off of here so he can play.



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