Mom & a Tear Streaked, Painted Face


It’s funny some of the random things you remember from your childhood. I remember spending a fun day with my mom out somewhere and getting my face painted. Out of my excitement I started to run across the street before her. She, of course, screamed my name, scaring the mess out of me, sending me running back to her. I think I cried off the fresh face paint. At the time, of course, I didn’t really understand why things changed so quickly from happiness to tears. But when I realized I wasn’t in trouble, but she was just protecting me, it quickly went back to happy again and then the memory fades out like a dream.

Just in a rabbit trail of thought, I wondered why times like that stick out the brightest in my foggy memory and I realized that it’s not that my mom yelled at me a lot or that I was unhappy a lot. But it’s that the times surrounding those scarce moments are times of love and security. They tend to not stand out because they are the norm for my mom. She is an incredibly caring, gentle, compassionate person. She is funny and silly and wise. She is so much of what I aspire to be. I think of her often while dealing with my boys. Praying that when they look back and remember the loud moments, those moments are quickly drowned in a sea of love like they are for me.

I’m so proud to be Debbie Cantrell’s daughter. To be like her, to look like her. She’s always there for me when I need her. Always with something to offer from her own life and almost always ends up pointing me to God and His Word. That is what I am most thankful for. Her love for her God that she passed on to me. The very most important thing from a parent to a child. Something I am eternally grateful for.

Just now she sent me a text, “I did it! Completed my first Susan G. Komen walk!” She walked alongside a friend that was recently diagnosed with Cancer. She’s that kind of person. If someone needs anything, love, support, food, whatever, she snaps into action. Yeah, you’re thinking it, so you can just go ahead and say it, she’s pretty awesome.

I haven’t even touched on what an outstanding Beenah (Grandmother) she is. (Maybe that’ll be a post idea for Grandparent’s Day.)

Happy Mother’s day, Mom. You’re amazing. I love you.


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  1. oh my goodness, I could hardly read thru the tears! What an amazing daughter you are. Words can not express how much I love you and how very much I miss you and your smile and hugs and especially Monday nights!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to a wonderful mom (even when you don’t think it!)

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