Why in the world did I move to Austin?!


It’s a question that I have secretly wondered how many people have asked themselves about my recent move here. It’s actually one that I have not asked at all though.

The third week after we arrived, Justin and I went through a few of the darkest days we have experienced together. Even in those times, I held tight to what I knew God wanted from us: simply to be obedient and trust in Him. I can’t say I didn’t get a little crazy and I didn’t cry or hit the steering wheel a few times, but His plan for us to move was clear, concise and I could not deny that.

There have been a few that have made it quite clear that they think we made a mistake and that we are stupid, crazy, or both. But hey, like our new Pastor, Jacob Vanhorn, says, be “stupid obedient.” It sounds so silly, but if we are doing what seems normal and right to everyone and no one ever thinks we are crazy, well, then I just don’t think we are living the life God wants us to. Living a life for God always seems crazy to some, or many really, even to some faithfully attending church every week. But if I let what people think dictate what I do in my life, I would never have met the wonderful people I have met thus far; I would not know what it is like to live in a city that I truly adore; I’m unsure that I would have truly realized the depth and weight of what it means to be adopted by a mighty, compassionate God. And I am even more unsure that without that revelation if Justin and I would have made the decision for intercountry adoption. We are more than excited that He has put this on our hearts and, admittedly, I am a little impatient to begin this process, but I know that – as with everything – we will be able to get it all underway in His perfect timing.

I am blessed to have met (and plan to get to know better) people like Russ & Elora Ramirez – who are adopting from Ethiopia; Sherry Birk – who is also adopting from Ethiopia; the Vanhorns – whom I love to learn from (and thoroughly enjoy their tweets, especially to each other!); Jose – who is a fantastic leader (though he will vehemently deny it 🙂 ); the Russells – who I can’t wait to hang out with again; Dan & Emily and Devon & Toby -who are two of the cutest couples; Darnell – whom I look forward to entering into worship with every Sunday; Kristin – who has such a sweet spirit and heart for God. (And not to mention a great voice too!) There are so many more people who I have met in our community that are truly family and I thank God for them. And all of these people I would have not met had we not followed God’s call to obedience and faith.

We are still unclear on some things and are still seeking what God has for us. But Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” A lamp for my feet, not a flashlight to shine all the way down the road. As we walk, he leads us, so we’ll just keep walking.


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  1. Glad to have the Rich’s with us in Austin! Praying for your future. Super excited to read the early reports of Gods heart for adoption tugging on you both. Praying for clarity and courage.

  2. You know I’ve asked why, but that’s a mother’s heart. Never thought you were stupid or crazy though, still don’t. Once I shared what I thought and you still believed God was calling you there it was then my choice to support you, knowing God is in control of everthing and He will not take you there and leave you. You are safer there in His Will than here with us out of it! I am believing for great things to happen in all of your lives. There is a reason you are there and in His timing we will all know what it is. love you

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