Learning from my Children


I am constantly reminded of my need for God by my children’s need for Justin and me. The other day I was trying to get some things done around the house while Justin and Boston were out. I was in our kitchen with Gage on the other side of the baby gate and he just wouldn’t let me clean up. He was not content until I was on the other side with him. I took him to his room and put him down to play. I sat on the floor and did absolutely nothing but watch him play by himself. I was sitting there wondering why he needed me in the room and it made me think of my relationship with God. He would randomly bring a toy to me or throw himself on me and then go back to playing. Gage didn’t need anything material from me in that moment, just my presence. He wasn’t asking for food or toys or anything, but me. I tend to forget that aspect too many times, to just be near, to not ask for anything, or even talk. Just to be and know that God is watching over me. It’s a beautiful thing to know that God isn’t too busy just to watch over me.


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